There comes a point in every pet’s life where the heavy-hearted decision to euthanize needs to be made; this decision is something that you and your family will make together. We are here to support you and your family through this process and help make these final decisions as seamless as possible. This is a final act of kindness we can offer to our companions, and we believe wholeheartedly this procedure should be done with dignity, compassion and support.

Along with this decision comes many questions.  Ranging from setting up an appointment to aftercare options.  Our staff are here to help you through this time.  We offer a complimentary appointment with one of our Registered Veterinary Technicians to discuss and support you through your options with your beloved friend and their aftercare.

Feel free to call our customer care team; they will help to guide you in booking an appointment at an appropriate time for your family. This may be to schedule your final good-bye, or to book a pre-euthanasia appointment with one of our veterinary technicians.


Our pets are our friends, companions and family members. The bond between a person and a pet is a special one. The loss of a family pet may result in a variety of emotions including: denial, guilt, anger, sadness, shock, pain and other feelings. It is important to remember that people respond differently to the loss of a pet. We are always here for you to talk to or sometimes just to listen. We have support information in our hospital to help assist you in dealing with your loss.

There are also outside organizations for additional support and the links are listed below.

Dealing with the loss of a pet resources: